You *clap* Did *clap* It *clap* You voted!

You actively participated in your country’s democracy! High five.


Celebrate with a #PartyToThePollsFinale!



RUUUNNNNNNNNNN! Or drive safely.




**** If you got in line to vote before the polls closed,  Stay in line! You will still be allowed vote. ****



Tell the People!

Tell people you’re having a party! Post social media posters and content like these! If you feel like it, create a Facebook event or Eventbrite event so you can see who is coming and send reminders (Always good to check the privacy of your events when you do that)




If you are throwing your party in a large place (like on campus) make a big sign that says “#PartyToThePolls Finale” or whatever you’ve named your party.


Feed the People!

Try a red, white, and blue potluck. Ask everyone bring a dish to share that falls in that color scheme. Or maybe everyone brings their favorite comfort food to share. No matter which way the vote is cast, you’ll all have food you enjoy. Have some extra plates and utensils available for your poll party pals.



Madonna was right, music makes the people come together. Ask your favorite band to play. Grab a guitar or whatever instruments are handy and start a democracy jam! If those options leave you feeling flat you check out our spotify lists or create your own.


Events / Game Ideas!


A Returns Viewing Station: Set up an area where your party can view the returns in some way, whether on an Old Fashioned Television or streaming online. If your friends like social media, make the space amenable for sitting and interacting online with each other and the returns.


Livestream Reactions: Be your own newsroom! Use a format like Insta-Stories to capture your reactions and feels. Don’t forget to tag @abandofvoters we want to know how you’re doing.


Comfort Zone: Be there for each other! Depending on the outcomes and who your friends are you may need a comfort zone and/or a party zone. Comfort Zone: Blankets. Pillows. Tissues.  

Party Zone: Blankets. Pillows. Tissues?


Interactive Art & Installations:


Ancient Greek Voting: Can’t get enough voting? The Greeks used to vote w/ pebbles but we find it easier to use a bag of dried beans – Get some jars (or cups) and beans, label each jar with an issue that is important to you, and watch the returns live from the jars.

Dry Erase Boards Selfie Station! Create your own “I Voted For…” messages on dry erase board, or regular paper, and snap a pic. Not only will you immortalize your guests in digital form but everyone can see what you stood for today! Tag us at @abandofvoters!



“I Vote For” USA Map: We’ve got Vinyl Mark Up Your Map of the US with the issues that affect you most. The reasons you vote.


Creative Stations for Partiers:


“I AM A VOTER” Shirt Stencil Station

If you don’t have one of our stencils, use sharpies, puffy paint, whatever you’ve got! Just let the people know you voted.


Face Painting: Forget a lil sticker. Paint your whole face!


Zine / Collage Station: The dream of the 90’s is alive at your #PartyToThePollsFinale. Lay out some old magazines, books, or newspapers and start collaging a cover for your Zine. Write a poem about your issues! Shout out your feelings on paper! I s’pose you could go digital but is that selling out?


Obstacle Course: Hopefully, you had no obstacles in your way to vote. Create a complicated maze with whatever you have at your disposal (pillow fort & cardboard style!), make it tough – really hammer home the fact that the voting part was as easy as pie. Oh pie… that gives me an idea!

Apple Pie Eating Contest: What’s more American than Apple Pie and good ole gluttony?! Get (or bake) yourself some delicious pies and savor the sweetness of your voting success.


Pin the Tail on the Donkey & Elephant. Draw a donkey. Draw an elephant. Now make donkey and elephant tails with tape on them. Blindfold your friends (but remember safety first). Have fun for hours.


Don’t forget to take videos and photos! Tell us what you’re doing for your #HalloweeNeedToVote party @abandofvoters  and using #HalloweeNeedToVote #PartyToThePolls #ABandofVoters #ABOVtheBS